Although it is no easy task to define the totality of what it means to be woman, milk and menses, represent what is, from the Ayurvedic perspective, the key difference between the male and female species.
— Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

On the surface, milk and menses, can appear like a simplistic, heteronormative reduction of what separates men and women, but when viewed through a much wider lens, we can begin to appreciate that these two things allow for a woman's
inherent ability to nurture + intrinsic ability to create

Yes, our biology gives rise to the wonderful phenomenon that is birthing and nursing a child, but even when our bodies aren't being used for that purpose, we can still connect with that very system and let it facilitate our ability to nurture ideas, unleash creativity, bring new projects to life, create change, and activate whole body healing.

Currently, many women are disconnected from any wisdom that their menstrual cycle can bring them- from being a basic barometer of biological function to being a rich source of intuitive insight. Let's restore meaning to the menstrual cycle and bring back the perspective that this is a time that should be both sacred and celebrated- like our ancestors once did. In doing so, we start a conversation that brings together a community of inspiring women who are awake, aware, and in tune.

MILK + THE MOON serves as a resource that...


Women to have greater anatomical awareness + better biological understanding of the female body

Women to connect with their ancestral widsom and embrace their intuitive insights


Women to unapologetically rest, restore, and replenish



I am Amanda Ramirez, creator of MILK + THE MOON.   

As a doctor of physical therapy and yoga instructor, I have a solid foundation in how to lead a healthy, mindful lifestyle, but believe it or not, there was a time when, despite my best efforts, I had digestive drama and cyclical sciatica that conventional medicine could not help me resolve. Enter Ayurveda and a more natural approach to movement. 

 Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system native to India. I was introduced to it in 2009 during my yoga teacher training. Throughout physical therapy school, I often revisited Ayurvedic principles, knowing that there was great potential in this mind-body medical system that considers digestion (of both food + life experience) to be a cornerstone of health. During physical therapy school, I was blessed to have a professor and mentor who encouraged me to explore digestive imbalances as a contributing factor in many of my patient cases- and so I did. In regards to digestion, I began exploring what I knew best..movement and the musculoskeletal system. I came back to my basic training in biomechanics with a special interest in digestive function and pelvic health. It became obvious that spinal and pelvic alignment are an important part of the picture, but aligning these body parts proved to be difficult without simultaneously doing work down the chain at the feet, our foundation, or without acknowledging how it is that we would naturally move in the world without the conveniences of modern living.

In my own pursuit of health, I came back to to all the scientific principles I knew and integrated them with all the holistic healing knowledge I had, and soon enough, I found myself experiencing a new level of  mind-body wellness.

By focusing on my physical body from a biomehcanically-informed, natural-movement approach, I started moving with more ease, skill, strength, and grace. As my aches and pains started fading, I noticed that my digestive issues and menstrual cycle irregularities slowly started to subside. Through even more focused spiritual, mental and emotional work, my digestion improved, my cyclical sciatica brought on by the onset of my cycle was not only explained, but resolved, my energy levels increased, and my skin became more radiant. Beyond feeling more in tune with the rhythms of my own body, I experienced an unexpected rise in creativity, greater access to my intuition, and developed a deeper connection to my work of inspiring whole-body healing.

Using my own journey as a source of inspiration, I created MILK + THE MOON. My goal with this work is to help women reconnect to the wisdom that their menstrual cycle can bring them- from being a basic barometer of biological function to being a rich source of intuitive insight.

 On some deep level, I have always known that I was meant to do focused work with women. Not quite knowing in what capacity that would be, I started my physical therapy career in women's health. For various reasons, at the time, I felt unfulfilled with this work, so I set it aside and made my way into an orthopedic setting. Interestingly enough, it has been in this setting where I've found more clarity and direction in my work with women's health. After getting clear about my calling, I went on to develop more expertise in internal women's health work, which is within the scope of a physical therapist. I can now offer a complete evaluation of the body, including the often neglected abdominal region and pelvic floor muscles.

 As I hold space for women to grow, heal, and transform, I aim to make our time together more profound by dedicating my efforts toward educating from a whole-body, big-picture kinda perspective. This approach has led countless women to a deeper understanding of the interaction between their digestion, intuition, menstrual cycle, and mind-body wellness.  As you assume more responsibility for your health, and in turn your reality, it is my hope that you are able to eliminate pain, optimize biological function, and access your inner vitality.

A woman’s inner vitality is characterized by her self-esteem, her radiance, her physical glow + flow, her grace to face the challenges of life, and her practice and discipline, which brings mastery over her power as a woman. She lives in the awareness of inherent connection with all of life and her own infinity.
— Yogi Bhajan